Warehouse Rack Types

Each building must have a storage area. Whether it’s a place to store goods, work tools, merchandise, or goods that are not used anymore mini storage. Warehouses must be in every building. Without the 儲存倉, the building will fall apart, road access is obstructed, the items needed are hard to find and the problem will become more complex until eventually, your work will start to fall apart.

Therefore the warehouse is one of the most important components of a building. Building a warehouse also needs to deepen their knowledge. There are various types of storage systems, equipment needed, various warehouse shelves and their uses, and warehouse management.

Warehouse shelves as a storage area have 3 levels, namely light, medium and also heavy

Lightweight warehouse shelves are used as first-level warehouse shelves. Its use in small and medium buildings such as shops, minimarkets, or homes. Because this type of warehouse rack can only withstand loads that are not too heavy. The use of lightweight warehouse shelves is also in great demand because of the affordable price and relatively inexpensive and can hold up to 80 kg in weight. Most of these types are easy to dismantle.

Medium or medium warehouse shelves are warehouse shelves in the second level. We can see the use of this type of rack in several buildings such as offices, supermarkets, hospitals, and other large buildings. This type of warehouse rack can withstand heavy loads of almost 1000 kg or more. Guaranteed quality makes people need it at an important time, besides that price is also a reason. Medium warehouse rack owners do not need to worry because the price is pretty good quality is very strong and durable!

The heavy warehouse rack is the strongest of the two types. Because this type of rack has a special design. Generally used for large industries. The ability of this type of rack does not need to doubt. It can withstand loads of more than 2 tons. As for the price, it is no less interesting than the two previous types, although it is slightly more expensive. This is because the material used is high-quality and superior iron. If only this shelf is damaged, it will result in fatal things for people who are working nearby. Therefore, this model rack cannot be compared with the price quantity, but the quality of the rack.

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