Timing Is Important In Texting A Girl

There are a variety of romance tips needed by someone to make his approach work, one of which is how to text a girl to your crush. Tips on sending messages to your crush are important so that you don’t look desperate when you approach. Sometimes, the way you send a message to a date when the approach can be considered annoying by her so tips on sending messages to date are important for you to know. Instead of being close, your partner may feel uncomfortable and slowly move away from you.

Send a message in the form of a question that requires a long answer. You certainly have experienced your crush reply to messages from you with short words like “yes” or “okay”. This can hamper the success of the get-to-know stage that you are doing because your conversation will not develop into more serious topics. You need to be vigilant because this could be because he feels you are too excessive in sending messages. So that this does not continue to happen, it helps you send messages in the form of questions that require long answers. The topic you choose can be her favorite music band while asking why she likes the music band. Guaranteed, your crush will not hesitate to send messages that are longer and more meaningful.

Watch your speed in replying to messages from her. Have you ever felt that her reply to your message not as fast as usual? Before you think negatively about her, it helps you pay attention to your speed in replying to messages from her. It may be that she feels annoyed because you reply to messages from her as fast as lightning after receiving it. Be a little ‘indifferent’ by giving a time lag. You can do your daily tasks or activities first before replying to a message. In addition to making her more curious about you, these tips will make you look like an independent person who has a myriad of activities without merely thinking about a crush.

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