Things You Need To Know About G-string And Thong

Many women don’t like g-string and thong because they feel uncomfortable wearing it. Love it or hate it, this type of underwear is a must-have for every woman. But before buying it, first, consider some of these things. You can get the best lingerie and Personalized Panties on our website.

– G-string is different from Thong

Maybe many of you think that the g-string is the same as thong. Although similar, the g-string generally only covers the front of Miss Cheerful, while the buttocks are barely covered at all. Another thing that distinguishes is the waist which is made of thin straps. If you lack confidence wearing a g-string, then thong can be an option. Thong has a wider strap at the waist and slightly covers the buttocks than the g-string.

– Nude colors are very important

Make sure you have at least one thong or g-string that is nude. This is not as beautiful as other colors, but very useful. A nude-colored thong can prevent panty lines that are usually seen when wearing tight clothing or see-through.

– Choose a Comfortable

Comfort is the most important part! Many people say pants in this model are uncomfortable, but this is not true. In terms of size, you can buy the same size as regular underwear. If unsure, choose a size that is slightly larger than one that is too small.

– Better Cotton

If this is your first time wearing a thong or g-string, choose cotton. Besides being more comfortable, this is also better for Miss Cheerful’s health. If you are familiar, you can start “leveling up” by wearing lace.

– Avoid using it every day

Use thong only in an important time. Wearing it every day will increase the risk of infection. Thong can spread infections faster than ordinary underwear because it allows bacteria to move from the anus into Miss Cheerful. Make sure you replace it regularly at least twice a day.

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