Thermal Cameras Can Be Used To Prevent Disease

Current disease prevention can be done in various ways.
In addition to the vaccine method, prevention can also be done by detecting a virus which is the main cause.
Thermal cameras can be used to detect these viruses. To find out the best type of thermal camera, you can check infrared-energy.

Because of the many benefits, the use of thermal cameras is not only limited to personal needs but some jobs utilize the main function of the infrared camera.
Some airports use thermal cameras to check every passenger who has a fever, has swine flu or other infectious diseases without having to put a small thermometer in their mouth.
As we know that everyone has a different body temperature because their body temperature can describe their health condition.
This is done to prevent the worst from happening because airports are places where people are active and almost every time is crowded.
The form of this tool is the same as a camera in general.

But this camera has the ability to record light reflected by the object being photographed and is very sensitive in capturing hot temperatures.
Another plus, thermal imaging cameras can still work even in complete darkness.
Objects caught on camera will be distinguished by variations in the appearance of light.
The camera recording in the form of a video screen will show people who have a hotter body temperature with a brighter color display.
The use of thermal cameras to check the health condition of passengers at airports has become increasingly popular since the widespread spread of respiratory diseases, SARS in 2002 and 2003.
Airports in Singapore and China have used it the most since the makers of this device. Currently, there are many orders from various countries that want to use this technology.
Even in Mexico, which already has ten thermal cameras, currently ordering 40 more cameras.

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