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The United Kingdom Uses Several Western Cultures

The United Kingdom (UK) is one of the countries that many people are aiming for. Many people are on vacation or also continue their education process in the UK. The UK has many well-known universities aimed at students from various countries. The UK has many beautiful cities. However, to get there, you must have a UK visa. You can get it if you do a b1 english test first free english quiz online.

Many think that the UK is England, whereas, both are different. England has become a part of the UK. The UK also uses western culture. These are some western cultures that are always used in the UK.

1. Asking about salary is strange
In English culture, they don’t like to talk or ask about their salary. Because for them, asking about someone else’s salary is something that is not polite, because it’s something that is privacy and a little sensitive.

2. Always say thank you, sorry, please
In the UK the words thank you, please, sorry and others are normal to say for small things in the conversation. It is not necessary to say these words, but English people will feel comfortable when polite words are used in conversations with them.

3. Comply with regulations
They always follow the rules. If the rule cannot touch it, they will not touch it. If there is no camera, no phone, no talk, etc., in that place, they really won’t do the prohibited thing.

4. Always carry your own shopping bag or plastic bag
They always carry bags or plastic shopping if they want to shop. When you are shopping, always bring your own plastic bag or shopping bag. If not, you will be asked to pay for plastic if you need it.

If you will go to the UK or other UK states, you must obey all these things. This shows that you value their judgment and culture.