How To Write An Article For Your Blog Without Editing It

One time, you took the time to write posts for your blog. To make your writing perfect, you improve every word and sentence you just write. The result? Within an hour, you might be able to write just two paragraphs or about one hundred words. In fact, all the material and references for your writing are available start a blog. The reason you can only write one hundred words in one hour is that you write while editing. In order to overcome this, all you need to do is write without editing when you want to start a blog.

The method is as follows:

Don’t press the backspace key

When writing, commit not to press or use the backspace key on your computer or laptop keyboard. Don’t correct mistyped words. Don’t fix words that don’t match the enhanced spelling. Continue writing without even using the backspace key.

Write down all the ideas that come into your head

Write down any ideas that appear in your head related to the topic being written. Don’t mind what you write is true or not. Do not think about the introduction you made is already interesting or not. Don’t mind the coherence of each paragraph you make. Anyway, keep writing all the ideas that come to your head until they run out or the number of words you want is fulfilled (for example 400 words).


Because writing is a right-brain activity that is closely related to creativity or without logic. In other words, allow yourself to write as freely and as much as possible without the shackles of enhanced spelling rules and the like. After writing, then edit your writing (this stage you use the left brain).

By applying the method of writing without editing, you will be comfortable writing and more productive than before. It takes discipline to do it, but it will make you write as fast and as much as possible.

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