Benefits of Honey in Hot Water for Kids

Honey is effective to be one of the materials of traditional medicine, such as a medicine to drink, rub or by inhaling the aroma. Most parents like might also choose to give honey to their kids for a reason. No wonder, because honey has so many nutrients such as calories, iron, magnesium, zinc, sodium, vitamin C, B6, and many other important nutrients that can help to maintain body health. If you want to know other benefits of honey in hot water for kids, you can check the information down below.

The benefits of honey in hot water for your child

1. Relieve cough and flu

When your child gets coughs, it is better to give him honey with a dose of 1 tablespoon in hot water before going to bed. The natural sugar content of honey can help cleanse the respiratory system from infections or sputum that causes coughing. Then, let the kids inhale the steam from this mixture so that they will become more relaxed.

2. Optimizing Growth

The next benefits of honey in hot water is optimizing growth. As a child, the growth of cells and body organs will occur rapidly to make it ready as their age. So, giving them will help the growth process of cells and body tissue become more optimal. Make sure to give honey with a dose of 1 tablespoon a day consistently.

3. Fight Allergy

As a kid, they must be experienced to get allergic, right? Several things can cause allergies in children, such as food allergic, etc. By giving the honey in hot water will help them to fight the source of the allergens or histamine that causes the allergic reaction.

4. Source of Vitamins

It does not only act as the reliever, but honey is a source of vitamins. It contains many good vitamins that are needed by children, such as B1, B2, B3, D, K, E, B5, nicotinic acid and urine acid. It will be good for kids who develop growth.

Those are all about the benefits of honey in hot water that will help your kids to grow. But make sure to know that honey comes in pure and original, so it will give the maximal benefits. Hope it will help you to get more information about honey for kids.

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