An Indian Researcher Improved Air Quality In His Home By Using Some Plants

Clean air is increasingly difficult to obtain. Apparently, you can create it in the house by placing three green plants that are widely available around. An environmental activist and researcher from India, Kamal Meattle recommends the three plants after 15 years of research. The three plants are Areca palm, tongue-in-law, and ivory betel. Meattle admitted that the study was carried out because the performance of her lungs had dropped by 70 percent due to air pollution in Delhi. That can kill him. Aside from that, if you are also concerned about the air quality in your house, you may need to call the best Indoor Air Quality Testing Los Angeles.

“With a lot of people help, we found that there are three basic green plants, ordinary green plants, which we can use to grow the clean air we need indoors,” he said.

He also applied it in a building measuring 4,645 square meters and was 20 years old. Based on research, compared with other buildings that do not put green plants in the room, there is a decrease of eye irritation by 52%, respiratory troubles by 34%, and headache problems by 24%.

In addition, lung damage decreased by 12 percent and asthma by 9 percent. The research was published on September 8, 2008, which can be seen on the Indian government website.

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