A Prayer Can Avoid You From Mental Disorder

Excessive stress level due to a cause that is very disturbing physically and psychologically is a major factor that can cause a person later to be affected by a mental disorder miracle healing prayers. Prayer for healing is one way that can be used to reduce and even eliminate stress.

Mental disorder is a condition of clinical symptoms in the form of behavioral and psychological patterns that are closely related to discomfort, pain, and often fear. The following are some kinds of mental disorders in humans.

Types of mental disorders:
• Gamomania
Gamomania or obsession to propose someone to get married. This type of mental disorder is indeed quite strange where someone who experiences Gamomania usually has an obsession with getting married to different people at the same time. In many cases, Gamomania can trigger polygamy.

• Climomania
Climomania comes from the Greek word for sleep obsession. People who experience Climomania have properties like hibernating animals. They will tend to have the desire to linger on the mattress, especially when it is winter. In some cases, Climomania sufferers can even do all day doing all their activities on the bed.

• Onomatomania
Onomatomania is no less ludicrous than other types of mental disorders, in patients with Onomatomania he has an obsession to repeat special words because they interfere with his mind.

• Enosimania
Enosimania may in some cases be positive because it will lead to caution, perfect, and others. But if excessive, it will make yourself uncomfortable.
Enosimania is a condition where someone is afraid to make a big mistake, afraid to get criticism and others. Symptoms that usually occur in people who experience Enosimania include an uncertain heartbeat, disgust, sweating, shortness of breath and fast.

• Demonomania
Demonomania is very closely related to the existence of ghosts or creatures that cannot be seen. People who suffer from this type of psychiatric disorder always have feelings of excessive fear, even fear being possessed by evil spirits. People who experience Demonomania will get worse after seeing horror films, reading horror books or hearing horror stories.

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